Behind the scenes: Afternoon tea lifestyle photography


Awhile ago I mentioned becoming more interested in lifestyle photography and branding. To learn more about both I’ve been focusing my attention on various books and online classes on the subjects. One of the courses I took was Lifestyle Photography: Capturing inspiring visual stories by Marte Marie Forsberg on Skillshare. For the project portion of the class we needed to set up and shoot a tea and biscuit scene.

Mood board

Creating a mood board is one of my favorite parts of new projects, and this mood board was no different. I focused on finding images that were bright and airy, with partial portraits, and soft colors.

Shot list & props

After making a mood board I made a list of shots I wanted to get for the project, and I also made a list of props and supplies I needed to get for the shoot.

Shoot day

On the shoot day I originally made a yummy smelling red tea, but I shattered the glass pitcher, and had to settle for plain lemonade. The shoot was set up on my dining room table next to a window on a sunny morning.


What I liked

I really liked the contrast between the shades of blue in the beaded placemat and the yellow in the lemonade and lemon slice.

What I didn’t like

Looking at the project now the sandwich looks so sad. I think it would look more appetizing if there was lettuce and tomatoes, or at least a few more layers of meat. I also think the project would be more dynamic if I incorporated a human element like the mood board inspirations, or experimented more with the scene arrangements.