My irrational cross country move


On an October evening in 2014 I dramatically declared to my family “I get paid this Thursday and after 2 more paychecks I am quitting my job and moving to Atlanta!” 

I had no official plan and I didn’t know where I was going to stay once I arrived.  I actively searched for work, and tapped into my network, but I had no interviews, job leads, or offers. I was the crazy brave chick who believed that things would work out…  I was nervous and scared, but I had 100% peace about the decision.

My last day of work was on December 26th, on the 28th I began the solo car trip from Arizona to Georgia, and arrived on the 30th. The night before I reached Georgia my mom told me about a church family that was willing to take me in until I got back on my feet. After getting their contact information and a couple brief phone calls and text messages later, I showed up at their house 30 minutes outside of Atlanta, I told them about the crazy move and what brought it about. We set some ground rules, and I asked them how long I could stay. They said I could stay as long as I needed I just had to be out before their eldest son graduated from high school in 3 years. I stayed with that family until mid March.

I struggled to find work in Arizona, and truly believed finding work would be easier once I moved to a place that had more opportunities. I was wrong… At least about the job search being easier, it turns out that opportunities in Georgia weren’t for me. It took a month to secure a job and another month of waiting before my start date.

After tons of research and 2 weeks of work I realized that I could not afford housing with or without a roommate, but somehow still made too much money for extra assistance. I learned that the family that took me in felt that I had stayed too long, and since their family situation had changed I had become a burden. I thanked them for their hospitality and much to their disapproval I packed my car, quit my job, and moved the next day. My destination was unknown.

My moms best friend and her husband took me in and I ended up doing a month long stint in Louisiana. I constantly saw “Hiring now! Apply today!” signs everywhere, and applied for those positions, but I still had no work! My moms best friend encouraged me to take a break and go with her daughters to Florida. At the last minute I decided to go and used the trip to clear my head.  After much internal debate I decided it was time to admit temporary defeat and within a week of returning to Louisiana I packed my car again and moved back to my hometown in Arizona.

I’ve been in Arizona since mid April, and I just unpacked my bags this week. I’m still dealing with the unreasonable struggle of finding work, but I do have a paid internship with a newspaper. Even though absolutely nothing worked out the way I wanted I’m so glad that I made the crazy decision to move across the country.

Have you ever done something you felt was 100% right but despite your best efforts it did not work out? What did you do and how did you deal with it?