A few days away | San Diego


Last week I planned a short solo vacation to San Diego, and early Monday morning, I hopped in my car and spent the next 7 hours driving to San Diego.

I’ll admit going on a solo vacation felt uncomfortable for the first few hours in San Diego. Everywhere I looked there were friend groups, couples, and families, and I was slightly jealous they had someone to create new memories with. Later in the day I treated myself to a movie and dinner at the Cheesecake Factory. There I had the biggest and happiest realization… I didn’t have to share the complimentary bread! After that, going on a solo vacation didn’t feel uncomfortable anymore and I spent the rest of the trip having a great time.


Day 2 was all about the San Diego Zoo. I arrived 30 minutes after opening, and spent the day wandering around the zoo, taking pictures, and having a pretty good time. After walking the whole zoo, I took the zoo bus around the area, and learned about different endangered species that were living there, and what was being done to help them out.

Day 3 I woke up early, checked out my hotel and headed to La Jolla Shores Beach. The beach was so peaceful and quiet, I wish I had stayed longer. The rest of the day was spent driving back to southern Arizona.