Florals, florals, florals


I've always wanted to buy flowers, but it never seemed practical, and I don't always like the premade bouquets sold in stores. So I never bought myself flowers. Then one day I wanted flowers. I needed to have flowers in my life right that second. I checked my money situation, got in the car and purchased a red flower bunch from the local grocery store. Every time I looked at them I'd break out into a smile. While at the laundromat a few days later I took a skillshare class on the basics of grocery store floral arrangements. Later that same day I headed out to the store to purchase flowers for my first floral arrangement.

I don't know why but putting the arrangement together was a lot of fun. I mean it doesn't sound all that exciting, you're literally putting flowers in a fancy water filled cup, but I really enjoyed it.

Soon after taking floral arranging classes, I expanded to drawing flowers and attempting to paint them. Now I'm on the hunt for floral paintings. Specifically impressionist water color illustrations with soft yet vibrant colors.


What random things have captured your attention lately?