Dallas Arboretum & Botanical Garden | Part 2


If I was a small animal, I would want to be born and live out my days at this garden. All the wildlife seemed to be happy and thriving in their environment. The garden is probably a great place to build a nest and raise a family since it's secluded and abundant in food. 

The squirrels were fearless and couldn't be bothered to runaway when you got close. I tried to capture more images of the animals (I really wanted some blue jay photos) but they were too quick. These are the fellas I was able to capture before they ran off.

 At one point a squirrel was so close I could almost reach out and touch it. I was sitting down minding my business when a squirrel jumped up onto the brick wall next to me. They just sat there munching on some food. I was so surprised I was scared to move. A lady near by saw the how close the lil guy was and she gave a small wave and smile. I gave a lil wave back, and we kept on watching the squirrel eat. Eventually he started sniffing around in the nearby grass. I snapped a few images, but they were too blurry to share.