Digital Illustration: Jerry the cactus monster


One of my goals this year was to conquer my fear of illustrator. Something about the pen tool, and the program in general always intimidated me. For years and I mean years I would google illustrator lessons, but nothing ever stuck, and I struggled to finish a single project. Then I discovered Skillshare classes by Dylan M.; her classes changed the game for me. The class in particular is called Illustrator Basics: The shape building tool. Her class and a few others helped me find the joy in creative projects again.  

I started with a sketch of the cactus monster and used it as a reference while recreating the image in Illustrator. Circles and a rectangle were combined to make his head. I had some trouble making the bottom portion of his body, and had to rework the shape several times. I used the pencil tool for all the stripes, his feet, and the swirly flower. 

Jerry originally started out with a green head wearing a blue and yellow-orange striped outfit. I didn't like the look so I played around with different color combinations until I found something I liked. I attempted to soften the shadow affect by using a deep purple instead of black. 

cactus monster sketch.jpeg
original jerry.PNG