Adjusting to a new creative workflow


Over the last couple weeks I’ve been working on completing watercolor wedding invitations, and a book design for my portfolio. While working I came across an unexpected challenge. As a news page designer, I have spent the last few years working on 2-3 projects a day in a very fast paced deadline driven environment. 

Working on my personal design projects have felt tricky because the working pace is much slower than what I’m used to. I’ve noticed that it is much easier for me to plan, shoot, and edit photography portfolio work, than my design work. I think the mistake I’ve been making is giving myself too much time to do the work. 

With photography work I give myself time to come up with a story I want to tell, make a moodboard, then I figure out location, shot list, props, and time. When the shoot day comes I get to work with no issue, and will prepare files for editing. In contrast with design work I’ve been giving myself one to two small tasks to complete each day, and the project feels as if it’s dragging on, and I’ve noticed I don’t create my best work this way. For the rest of the month I’ll work on finding a more productive workflow for the design portion of my work. 

What have you been working on? How do you adjust to new ways of working?