6 ways to challenge feelings of doubt


Dealing with doubt

Do you have a friend/acquaintance, that likes to roll their eyes, and sigh dramatically as they scroll through Instagram whenever you tell them about your latest plan? I have that friend, they live in my head and go by the name doubt. I'm sure doubt means well, but they have a knack for stopping any excitement I feel about a project with a few sentences.

"What if you fail? What if he rejects you? What if you move and can't find a job?"

Pretending doubt, doesn't exist only makes it cries louder. After all doubt just wants to keep you safe. Doubt doesn't want your heart to get broken, or for you to live off of savings jobless in a new city. Ignoring doubt whenever the "What if" thoughts come up only makes them more dramatic. It escalates from "What if you don't" to What if you NEVER", declarations that sound so absolute.

These are the steps I like to take whenever doubtful thoughts show up.

Challenge doubt head on

  1. Instead of letting the stream of thoughts go on a rant, stop it in its tracks as soon as possible. Offer alternatives and remind doubt of any similar situations you've overcome in the past.
  2. Remind doubt that you are strong and if necessary you know how to pick yourself up again
  3. Kindly remind doubt of all the days and nights you hated your uncomfortable comfort zone, and why going down a new road could be a really good thing.
  4. Tell doubt that doing something different doesn't always feel good or natural in the beginning, and it may never feel that way. Sometimes you need to be uncomfortable in order to stretch and grow.
  5. Take a moment to listen to doubts concerns. Is there an underlying theme? Maybe an important piece of your next adventure is missing, and doubt is just trying to let you know.
  6. Ignore/discard any thoughts that make absolutely no sense or have no merit..

How do you deal with doubt? 

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