3 things that always make my day better


I'm at a stoplight with my car windows rolled down enjoying cool breeziness of the first sunny morning we've had in days until the scent of grass tickles my nose. I sneeze and roll the windows back up. Moments later I roll the windows back down. It's a beautiful day and I want to enjoy it. The light turns green; I start driving, and stop again at the next stoplight. The routine begins again. 

The scent of grass tickles my nose

I sneeze and roll the windows up

I roll the windows back down

Today is a beautiful sunny day and I am determined to enjoy it. 

It got me thinking about little things that never fail to make my day better. 


The quickest way to put a smile on my face is to feed me. It can be fast food, home cooked, or restaurant quality. It can even be a lil snack from the vending machine. Doesn't matter, just feed me. Any day is at least 50x better whenever I get to eat. A friend once asked me what my favorite meal time was. My reply "breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snack time". He said "No you can only choose one." I told him that I could never choose one because I love them all the same. 

Being outdoors on a sunny day

I have a love/hate relationship with the extra large window near my desk at work. I love to steal moments to watch the rain, but I hate being teased when the day is sunny and glorious. When I take a work break, I make sure to do a lap around the building while eating a snack. On my days off I always try to do outdoorsy things that go beyond walking from the car to a building. Being outside and feeling the sun on the back of my neck makes me really happy

Fresh flowers

Last year I really wanted some flowers. I kept saying to myself "I wish a guy would buy me flowers". I must've said it to myself one too many times because one day my next thought was "Since when do you wait on a guy to do something nice for you? You can buy yourself flowers. You're allowed to do nice things for yourself." For awhile I thought it was wasteful to buy something that's going to die in a couple weeks, but I got over it when I accepted how happy it makes me to come home to flowers.  As long as the budget allows I've bought myself flowers monthly ever since that reality check.


What always makes your day better?